about our business

Krule Construction, LLC is an excavation company located in Northwestern Colorado.

The business has been established since 2001 and is a Veteran and Women Owned, DBE Small Business that is bonding capable. Krule is able to offer many services to our customers as a subcontractor or have the ability to Prime Contract while performing the majority of work with our own forces.

The Mission

Krule has adopted a “Zero” Philosophy when it
comes to our mission.

To be more specific, our Zero Mission means: Zero Injuries, Zero Environmental Incidents, Zero Losses, and Zero Corruption.
Krule achieves our Zero Mission by protecting the health and safety of everyone on or near our job sites. We strive to meet the needs of the environment today without jeopardizing the needs of tomorrow. Krule endeavors to experience zero losses for themselves and their customers in relation to profit, resources and waste. We believe in fair business practices and our goal is to lead the way in diversity, equal opportunity and workplace ethics.

Our Vision

Krule’s vision is to maintain their reputation as a
company with integrity.

Krule endeavors to be honest and forthright in their work and dealings with others whether they are customers, vendors or employees. Our integrity combined with our knowledge, efficiency and expertise is what sets us apart from our competition.

Our “Zero” mission and our vision helps to ensure that we, as well as our customers, achieve our goals. It’s about reliability to customers . . . the rest is exceeding their expectations.

SERVICES: Excavation, Site Preparation, Reclamation, Roads, Utility, Erosion Control, Truck Hauling, Oilfield Work